Human Resource Philosophy
Recruitment and Selection
Employee Training
Profession Development
Performance Management
Recruitment Principle  
  INN group, on the basis of its development requirements and human resource policy, carries forward an employment demand plan and sets up requirements on diathesis and competence for posts in accordance with working characters. On the premise that the qualification should be met, we follow such an examination and employment principle as bi-directional choice, fair play and giving priority to elitists.  
  Recruitment Channel  
  As for new human resources requirement, the company has various recruitment channels, such as recruitment through market, network and university and hunter companies. As a good career platform, the company also established its internal recruitment system to enable employee's position transfer as well as promotion.   
  INN Group's employee training system is established to be a study organization, which helps them improve their own skills through learning and then realize the performance improvement and social values. 
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